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Idina Menzel Sings 'Let It Go' on Jimmy Fallon is Delightful

Was anyone else disappointed by the performance of 'Let it Go' from the Oscars? John Travolta fucked up Idina Menzel's name royally, the song was cut, Idina seemed off her game, and, was it just me, or did the music seem sped up a little? The result was a live performance that wasn't up to par with Idina Menzel's usual work. So, I was thrilled to see Idina get to perform 'Let it Go' on the Tonight Show, and she just rocks it.


I'm not always a big fan of the musicians that Fallon and the Roots do these bits with (ex: Robin Thicke) but goddamn it, these segments are just so delightful. Idina Menzel's is especially amazing. There's just so much joy in this, which there should be in 'Let it Go'! Everyone looks just so happy!

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