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Idiot Sheriffs blame Beyoncé for cop shootings and compare her to KKK

Only Fox News and Fox Business would let this racist garbage air on their airwaves. I remember not many years ago racists knew not to spout off in public. Now they do it like a kid finding buttons to push.

Sheriffs (just some I hope) are blaming Beyoncé for the recent shootings of cops. One even compared her Superbowl performance like white people in KKK clothing.

Not sure if these sheriffs are elected or appointed but if elected did the voters know they were electing cowardly racists who blame African American female singers for world troubles.


As a white male I am sick and tired of hearing other whites spout racist garbage and blame all their woes on nonwhites who have nothing to do with the particular case. So reminds me of children who get in trouble and say “I didn’t do it he did it” or “THEY made me” Or their parents who say “Tommy would never do anything bad its THOSE kids who tried to pin the blame on him” or “Tommy would never do anything bad well not until THOSE kids arrived”. Never saying “oh I will take responsibility” its always blaming others. “Its THEIR fault”. Its the mentality of a) its never ones fault and b) blame should be burdened not by individuals but by groups you do not belong to. B is so dangerous since it teaches that an entjre group is responsible for sins of one. Conversely if one achieves something then all should benefit thus white privelege sets in.

But blaming an African American singer is so easy. Spread a rumor Lady Bird Johnson cried well blame the African American singer (Eartha Kitt) who wanted to discuss Vietnam War. We are not really beyond the 60s mentality. These sheriffs embody it.

Yes many times you can justly say “its not my fault I am the victim”. These cops that were shot were victims.Its quite another to blame someone because they make a good target for blame. If the sheriffs simply said “there are people killing and shooting at cops anyone who does this will be punished” I agree. Yet they take it a step further by not blaming the shooters but making it about race and blaming folks not connected to the shooting. Actually by doing this its an injustice also to the cops who were shot.

How about.these sheriffs do their job and get off the tv and computer and sit down and ask the shooter “you shot a cop thus you will be punished to the full extent of the law based on evidence, why did you do it”. I guess this way the sheriff does not get his face on tv spouting off racist garbage and blaming all instead of just the shooter.


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