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idk, open thread, or: I went to the bookstore

I actually went to the mall and lots of stuff happened in the non bookstore areas of the mall as well (I got a nice cell phone case from the cell phone case shop I had resented at first, because the same space used to be a crafts shop and I had loved it, but now I find the cell phone case shop is fine, because I sometimes have trouble finding a case for my phone model. I also got a pair of earrings in the shape of scissors beacuse I have a t-shirt with scissors because scissoring) but saying I went to the bookstore is more highbrow. anyway.

so I was at the bookstore and I didn’t actually buy any books but I did buy a couple of scented candles. as I was browsing, a worker was dealing with another customer and asked his name and then they headed over to the checkout area and then he specified the spelling of his name and then it hit me that the customer is an MP and he’s part of the radical right wing party that’s very anti everything and I was there trying not to ogle but still turned to the side so my rainbow bracelet was totally visible to him. I dunno if he ever looked in my direction, I was totally not turning my head to glance at him. omg, he actually reads books?! and now I’m home and I told my parents and my mother is all ‘hah, he’s probably related to you because he’s from the same region as your grandma and I saw his family photo somewhere and it totally looked like Cousin’s family!’ gee, thanks, mom.

then I went to the adjoining ice cream café and the woman there maybe(?) flirted with me, anyway, she was all alternative-looking and everything and I was totally in butch-y garb and she was hot and I fled the counter before my eyes would linger inappropriately on body parts or before I would blush. and then I picked up an old book in the café that was on religion and stuff and also had a chapter on local witch trials. very interesting.


then I went to see Magic Mike XXL. I haven’t seen the previous œuvre so I don’t know how it compares, but this was fun.

over to all y’all.

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