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IDK who else to whine at

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Some of you may have seen that the dude went missing a month ago, only to be found in an alcohol-induced coma. Since then he's been in therapy and getting anti-anxiety meds. Everything was going well! He was happy, functioning at normal hours, etc!
BUT. After he dropped me off the other night, he's gone missing again. It's been 48 hours. He's been impossible to get a hold of, but his cell is still on. It's gotten to the point where his family can't get a hold of him, and his mama went out of her way to get my cell number to call me at 7:30 in the morning, in tears. Do I know where her adult son is? Can I make some calls?
And I've tried calling around, and then I finally found a person who saw him since he went missing. "He was super shitfaced." What do I do? I don't wanna be a narc because he's nearly fucking 30. I've been calling and texting him. But considering the last time it happened he was in a coma? WHAT DO. I'd be super pissed off if someone narc'd on me, but I really can't stand hearing his heartbroken mother plead for help. WHAT DO? Do I wait a little longer? give him a chance to respond? Advice!


As a thank you, here is a picture of my nails made up like a Japanese horror villainess' aka made up to look like shit.

UPDATE: As soon as I started to suggest a missing person's report, hi friends finally stopped being lazy motherfuckers and tracked him down within 3 minutes. Thank you!

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