(TW: Suicide)

Justin Carmichael, aka. JewWario, died yesterday. According to his wife he shot himself, under what sound like really heartrending circumstances.

This generally falls out of GT's wheelhouse, but I figured a few of you who are gamers or watch any of the review shows might want to know. Kotaku just did a piece on it, and as per usual, you might want to avoid the comments section. I learned about it from The Nostalgia Chick's tumblr, and there's a short but heartfelt statement on That Guy With the Glasses.

I usually only go there to watch Todd and the Nostalgia Chick's stuff, but from the few crossovers he appeared in, he seemed like a really wonderful and loving person. I really hope his wife is all right, and that all their friends and family will be able to take care of one another.