[Or: the moment when GT's nerdy Anglophilia went TOO FAR]

The comparison between Matt Smith and Wallace of Wallace and Gromit fame in the comments to Lindy's last Dirt Bag got me thinking about current Labour party leader Ed Miliband, who is also often compared to the chesse-loving Lancastrian inventor. I'm not sure I'd say Smith and Miliband look alike, but when you put Wallace in the middle as a kind of transitional fossil it makes sense.

This reminded me of a review I read - it was in the Times, so I can't get it back without broaching the Murdoch Paywall - halfway through David Tennant's tenure as the Doctor. It suggested that during the Blair years, we all thought we wanted a Doctor/Prime Minister who was tougher and more working-class and based outside London, but when we actually got the Ninth Doctor/Gordon Brown we realised we actually wanted the slick, middle-class, sharp-suited professional spin of Ten/Blair.

This was in the Times, remember, so any comparison to Saint Tony of the Liberal Interventionists was meant to be complimentary, but it did cement my reasons for preferring Nine to Ten.

So Nine, Ten and Eleven are Brown, Blair and Miliband. Unfortunately the comparison falls down now, as Peter Capaldi has never, ever been compared to a senior Labour Party figure.