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In response to complaints made via a petition (see it here) in regards to a recent national dance event about inappropriate sexist comments made by an MC (named D, who is also the principal organiser and fyi is black (relevant later)) and really offensive behaviours by attendees that weren't shut down by event organizers, this guy responded with this gem of a comment on facebook (FYI: this person is a well known dancer, DJ, and teacher locally)


*please note it's translated from french:

Some of you are asking, and yes, I'm writing a petition letter to put an end to racism against black people at our event since D routinely makes black jokes when he is MC...wait, D is black no? Ok, I'm going to write one because someone gave me a compliment on my vest and not on my performance...wait a minute, that's crazy! Ah yes, I'm going to write about because the MCs weren't speaking in english enough...wait a minute, I'm a francophone in a francophone province! Ok, give me petition ideas, I'm sheltered in my apartment and I want to speak on behalf of the whole community.

Pardon my sarcasm, I had to let off a bit of steam. I agree that if people felt uncomfortable it has to be addressed, but not this way, not publicly! Without meaning to you're making it seem to people outside our community that not only is our event horrible but tarnishing the name of the proprietor of several companies! It affects business much more than you think. Wait, I found my idea for a petition:

Sign below to have the petition that's been presented on change.org retracted and removed because it is not favourable to promote discussion.

When someone pointed out that, whether or not the petition was the right way to go about it, it was a meaningful discussion and that the petition brings up valuable points, he wrote back:

I see no difference between men and women besides genitals. I'm from an open generation that opened the door for legalising gay marriage and the election of a black president in the USA [note: this guy is around 23]. I know that there are still inequalities, but for me, everyone is the same. Which means no matter who you are you can make jokes about anything and anyone. I make jokes about homosexuals, women, asian men, native americans, disabled people, because everyone wants to be treated on the same level. If you are a girl and you want me to treat you like everyone else, well then, accept that I'll make jokes about you. And yes, we'll use the specifics, I wouldn't tell a girl "wow, you have a small dick", that would be stupid. I've never known a woman to stay home and not work, but I find it funny to tell a date "well, I hope that you like doing dishes because otherwise this isn't going to work out". The misogynist is the guy who really believes, who puts women down. D is the opposite of a misogynist, respecting women is profoundly within his values, he lives with his mother FFS! Stopping oneself from making jokes for a specific individual is EXACTLY what inequality is.

Yes, we have to talk about it, yes the petition was a really bad idea. Yes
we always have to try to better ourselves. I respect the fact that people were uncomfortable, but that's their problem. D will be the reasonable judge if anything pertaining to the event needs to be modified, even if I wouldn't change anything.


I'm not even going to bother deconstructing all of this nonsense, because it's all right there for the taking! Because OBVIOUSLY someone can't be sexist or a misogynist if they live with their mother!

You win dude, you're going to change the world right there with your logic about "equality". Thanks for mansplaining it to everyone, I really appreciate being schooled by you on these topics.


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