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Welcome To The Bitchery

Why are so many people thinking it's a bratty thing? It's not that I necessarily think that everyone can afford it but more like I'd prefer to just spend all the money on having a few people come to an excellent location. And my family is very solidly working class and know that wedding costs are so goddamned high anyway, why not do something fun rather than the traditional bullshit where you have to invite those cousins you haven't seen since you were 11?

I'd want to go somewhere like Iceland and I'd wear like a fur-lined cape, like the fucking snow queen (probably fake fur though). Like the fucking snow queen. But anyway, as far as marriages go, difference strokes, man. Different strokes. They are already such costly affairs, I don't know why one version is so much more problematic than the other. I think all the moralizing about what values and types of weddings are best seems also to be an irritating part of the wedding industrial complex.


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