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Welcome To The Bitchery

If I had a million dollars ...

There’s a lottery in one of the states where I work. I don’t buy tickets because I’m cheap, but occasionally imagine what it would be like to win one. Inspired by their new mega jackpot, and also by the Clooney gifts to his friends ...

... what would you do with 327 million? This exercise assumes a post-tax, lump sum. It also assumes that the Lottery Curse does not apply, and you don’t have to hire a security team (unless that’s what makes you happy). It may or may not have a solid basis in actual math. Who cares!

I’d pay my parents’ and siblings’ mortgages, pay off my husband’s student loans, and buy a house. (The house would be tricky, since his school is one place and my job is another ... but my job has a bunch of 1920s era homes in disrepair, and I like to think a cool million would let me make them easily habitable. They’re so pretty! And they have original stain-glass windows! And character!) We’d probably get newer cars.

I don’t think anyone else in my family needs anything? So maybe I’d build a super fancy building for rehearsals/performances and invest however it is that one invests to create a budget for years to come ... so I could start an orchestra. And then I’d hire myself, and other people I like to play with, or people who’ve passed gigs to me (if they needed a gig) Everyone else could audition like normal.

Instant orchestra!

... maybe an Airedale sled team. Maybe a big farm for existing Airedale rescues to use as a foster base. (That is a terrifying number of Airedales.)


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