You guys...I’m scurred.

Because Bonernator is at an absolute loss when it comes to lying or keeping secrets from me (it’s not his fault, being crazy perceptive is kind of my superpower), I know the date and general outline of his proposal.

My question is: what do you guys think of me getting a special gift for him? Like a counter-proposal, of sorts? There’s a watch that he’s had his eye on forever. I wouldn’t get down on one knee or anything, just present him with it and say some nice words after he’s done his thing.


1. He’s been drooling over this watch ever since I met him and I know this would be very special.


2. Doubles as Valentine’s Day gift

3. Romance! Mutual decision making! Love! etc.


1. Although I can get it for a very good deal on Amazon, it’s not exactly cheap. I can afford it and it’s a special occasion, but still. His birthday is next month, should I just wait til then?


2. Cultural narratives, man. They’re INGRAINED.

3. Is that stealing his special manly proposal thunder? It was very important to him that he get this moment, so I wouldn’t want to cut in on that.

What say you, beloved GT?