There is this guy in my Shakespeare class that keeps making shitty misogynistic "jokes"/remarks during class and I can't fucking deal with it.

He always quickly follows them up with "haha, just kidding!" As if that fucking absolves him of anything.

Today's gem: we were all thinking up traits to describe different characters from some of the plays we've studied. One of them was Cleopatra, from Antony and Cleopatra. Someone said longing/desperate for love, and the guy says "like all women!" FUCK YOU. JUST FUCK YOU.

I feel like getting upset about it is an overreaction. He's just another sexist dudebro. One out of many. But I feel like I'm going to snap. Maybe I'm just sheltered — of course I see people say shit like this online all the time, but I don't really hear people say it in "real life" very often. I'm not used to it. And it's getting to me.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to google "does sake go bad," because there's an unopened bottle that's been in my fridge for 2.5 years, waiting for some unidentified special occasion that never came. And I need a fucking drink.

ETA: I know everyone's telling me to call him out, but I really, really fear confrontation. Also, when I'm angry I cry, and I really don't want that to happen. The guy who sits next to me seems to hate him too, and he'll usually make snide, though not directly confrontational, remarks after the dude says something sexist or homophobic (oh hey, I didn't mention his homophobia, how remiss of me!)


I might talk to the professor.

ETA2: I am now drinking sake out of a Pokémon juice glass. Because I'm classy like that.


It has gold flakes in it. I don't know why it has gold flakes in it.