Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

You guys have been beyond, beyond, and extra beyond amazing since I decided to end my relationship over a month ago. There's nothing I can say in English (the only language I know) to express my gratitude. Along with Groupthink, my siblings have been on call, my mom has stepped up, and though I'm lacking in IRL friends here, I feel like I have an incredible network of support.

This isn't a breakup anymore. It's a time of making the life I want, which conveniently fell right around my 30th birthday. I'm proudly ending the Breakup Live Blog and commencing the possibly less exciting but infinitely more satisfying Third Decade Live Blog. In my third decade I am a yogi who will actually finish her mystery novel, be proud of my morning person-ness and cancel cable as soon as I feel like dealing with the people who are all like "we'll reduce your rate! Don't go!" OK, maybe I won't cancel cable but I have already quit Gmail chat and Facebook so I don't know what else the world wants from me. I love TV!


I still get sad. Today in yoga class I nearly cried at the end of practice when our teacher asked us to accept our state of mind as we wrapped up. I am lonely so, so much of the time. But I made proactive decisions and I am going to wear them proudly rather than defining my current state by the men who didn't measure up.

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