I am currently trying to force myself to write my statement of purpose for an Ed.D. program I am applying to, but I keep coming up blank. Well...maybe not "blank" so much as "self-critical" and "lousy with feelings of inferiority." The irony is that I spend the better part of my day helping students brainstorm for, write, and edit personal statements, and I'm pretty damn good at it. I pride myself on being able to see through the insecurity-driven generic statements, over-shares, and topic-adjacent tangents, and pull out the gems of totally applicable experience, passion, and goals. I constantly encourage them to "write more than you need," to "not worry about wording, just get the ideas out," and to "trust that they have what the school is looking for," and yet I just can't seem to take my own advice.

Basically, I just need another me so I can meet with me, point out all the awesome things about me, assure me I totally have what they are looking for, and then make me rewrite my SoP a half dozen times because it still sounds too self-deprecating and doesn't clearly answer all the prompts. Anyone have a cloning machine? A time machine would also work, depending on whether or not a past self and future self can hang out without the fabric of space and time (has anyone come to a solid consensus about this?)

Unrelated: I may be highly caffeinated right now.