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About my mom. Also I am a bad daughter. Or just generally extremely obtuse and unobservant.

My little brother called me up about 30 minutes ago. I could tell he was smoking and his voice was doing that thing where he sounds really angry but it’s how he sounds when he’s really scared. He asked if I’ve talked to our mom lately and I’m immediately alarmed because he lives ten minutes away from her and I live however far Seattle is from Omaha away.

I guess he hasn’t been able to get in touch with her for weeks. She hasn’t replied to his texts or calls. I told him I would try to call her and I did, but she has a different phone number and I don’t have it. I asked my bro for it and he was shocked that she hadn’t given it to me and said, See? It’s like she doesn’t even care. But I’m like, guilty, trying to remember the last time I called my mom.


He gave me her # but she didn’t answer. He said she wouldn’t. I know she’s alive bc she liked my profile pic on Facebook today

But still.

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