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If they call all of your references...

Why don’t they call you?!

I had a great interview, they had great conversations with all of my references as of Friday afternoon. No call today.

I’m officially so stressed. I have to make decisions about my grad students’ hours and conferences which are due this week. If I sign onto them and then leave, I will feel like POS. If they don’t offer me, no harm no foul. Everyone who knows and works for our employer is SURE this means I am getting a good offer. I’ve never had them check my references and NOT hire me. But I don’t believe in anything except a written offer and nothing is granted to you until it’s in the (e)mail.

Also, my boss left so now our big boss (my new direct sup) is not often around - like maybe a few hours a week. I know for a fact I won’t have an audience with her until Friday but I don’t want to give a week more notice than I have to if they offer me the job and I’m worried she’s going to blow me off and make it impossible to quit (like she did for my boss when she quit).

I love my job but this was a really, really good opportunity and my boss used to be potential new boss’s boss and thinks they are a great team and I will work well. WHY WON’T THEY JUST TELL ME?!


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