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I’m very happy right now, eating Taco Bell and watching morbid true crime shows (ETA: actually, Rosemary and Thyme) after a hectic 10 hour day. I’m even happier because I don’t have to go to work tomorrow. Basically I scrambled on Monday and got myself a staycation. Not going to be a regular thing, unfortunately.

This unusual schedule got me thinking. Working two days, having a day off, and then working another two days basically sounds like my idea schedule. What if instead of working 5 days a week (by the end of which we’re usually dragging our feet), we only had to work 2-3 days a week to get a day off? I feel like that schedule would work so much better for me mentally and emotionally. Am I the only one?

Of course there would be logistics issues. The first being that it might be confusing. Or would it just seem confusing because we’re used to having set days in our week? Would we have to reorganize our 7 day week to make it less confusing?


I guess people wouldn’t be able to go on 2 day trips. But do people really do that a lot? I guess I do, actually, but I wouldn’t mind visiting for 1 day more frequently rather than 2 days infrequently. 2 days is already inadequate for the big trips, it’s almost like a tease because it’s POSSIBLE but not GRATIFYING.

What do you guys think? Sound nice or worst idea ever? I know some people work in fields that actually operate on schedules similar to this - it would be interesting to know their experiences with it.

I realize that this is similar to conversations about super-long summer breaks and high school hours for teenagers with nocturnal biological clocks. Feel free to vent about those issues as well - and maybe propose alternatives!

Because a text post feels naked to me, here’s a puppy gif:

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