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Than you are an asshole. Case closed.

Calling in with strep throat and the flu(when you don't have it) but going out and partying while you leave your coworkers hanging (especially when the workplace is a dangerous environment) makes you an asshole.


Using the excuse of your sick grandmother, knowing fucking well that you are not going to go see her but you call in anyway so you can go to a strip bar in DFW makes you an asshole.(A double asshole if come back to work to brag about it and then say you don't know how your grandmother is doing.)

Protesting changes at work by calling in sick even though they affect everyone(and some people a whole lot more than you) makes you an asshole.

Going on a drinking binge then calling in sick that night cause you woke up with a hangover makes you an asshole.(Handle your shit. Don't go drinking if you have to work that night, asshole.)

Calling in sick because you forgot to do laundry is the dumbest fucking shit in the world.


Basically if you're calling in sick but not actually sick or have an emergency than you are the fucking worst in the world especially if you're laughing about how we are so short on people and you called in sick anyway. Bastard!

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