I just got back from seeing Sunshine on Leith, and it is totally my feel-good film of the year. Full disclosure - it's a musical love letter to the city of Edinburgh (Leith is a district of Edinburgh, and my adopted home, and my apartment building is shown in the movie several times!) so I'm kind of biased. But I know quite a few non-Scottish people who have seen it and loved it, so I'm also confident that I'm not alone in my assessment!

It's based on the music of The Proclaimers - those guys in glasses who brought you the 90s classic (I'm gonna be) 500 Miles. And yeah, it's kind of hokey in the way that musicals cobbled out of the songs of a single band usually are. And the singers aren't all brilliant performers. But they've reworked the songs really well, so they're all catchy and singable and the story is that wonderfully British blend of mostly heartwarming with just enough of a dash of heartbreaking to feel a bit real. Plus the cinematography is just amazing - if you don't want to visit/move to Edinburgh after seeing this movie, you're either blind or have a heart of stone.


The movie doesn't have any foreign release dates yet, and there's no DVD/BluRay to pre-order on Amazon. It's been doing really well in the UK theatres (it was #1 in Scotland, ahead of Filth, and 2nd across the UK) and the reviews have been pretty excellent so I'm hoping it will get a much wider release. It showed at the Toronto Film Festival and will probably show at more festivals in North America - so if you get a chance to see it, please do because it's guaranteed to warm the cockles of your heart and it needs audience support in order to get that wider release. Also, it passes the Blechdel test and explores three women in relationships in a surprisingly nuanced way, considering that it's a jukebox musical.