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If you could be anything in the world what would you be?

There's been too much horribleness in the world the past week so I thought I'd invite you all to a thought experiment where we can imagine our personal perfect futures. If you could be anything, what would you be? The skills for whatever you'd like to be are magically handed to you too. Go, dream away!

1. Someone who could make the world better or inspire people with words or good actions. Spoken, written, any kind. Either by having opinions and standing for something I believe in that somehow makes the world a better place. Or by entertaining/inspiring people and making their world a better place because they are entertained or inspired for just a little while. (I could never be this. Anyone who has seen me order take-out knows that I'm basically incapable of making decisions. Also; I'm a terrible writer. So there's that.)

2. Travel writer! Writing my own books or for other travel books about the places I visit and visiting the whole world! No danger, no difficulty, no hard choices in my work, just enjoying lot's of places and writing about them.


3. Start up a store with a friend that is a different place every day. So for instance, on tuesday it's a bookstore and there'll be a reading at night. But on wednesday it'll be a lunchroom. We'll make this possible by building it with transformable walls and such! Like these!

4. Something something pets. Maybe work in a daycare centre but for pets. I love pets. I'll hug them all!!

5. Anything space! This was a future dream job right? And I could think of what I wanted to do? Then I'd be going into space! To do something cool too. Since this is the future there'll be cool things to explore and it will totally be possible.. I'll be a scientist. Or maybe I'll be designing the ships OS. Someone's gotta do it right? And the best way to design experience is to experience it, right? Yess... Space OS design.


What are your dream jobs?

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