Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Someone on twitter suggested to me that I could pretty much reach out to any university I wanted and they would create a job for me. I think that is absolutely not true for many reasons, but I am super stressed right now, so I want to fantasize a bit. Where would I want to go if I could live anywhere in the US and work at any University? I need to think about that.

Where would you go and where would you work if you could basically name your location, place of work, and your position?  Why did you choose this and what would your life be like there?


And here’s a second or alternate question: if you got a free ride to any university or training program - totally free ride, everything is covered - what would you want to study/learn?  And how come?

For that one, I think I would want to go to medical school. But I’d need a full time tutor because I have massive test anxiety and hate memorizing.  But I really love medicine.

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