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And make it so that everyone currently watching/obsessed with Game of Thrones would have to watch another show instead, what show would it be?

Let’s say instead of watching sex and murder and plotting and incest and rape, you could have all these people watch something else and discuss and dissect it in the same way.

I’m going with Crazy Ex Girlfriend; I’m sure they’d still love it cause there is TONS of plotting and sex still (I think Paula would take the Iron Throne, no question), but also let’s learn how to accept and treat neurodivergent people instead of rewarding their insane behavior! Let’s learn about women’s sexuality and also a LOT about their realistic bodies and UTIs! And also, singing and dancing!


I would like to say my runner ups are Sabrina, what if everyone spent the GOT discussion time on religions, power, and the treatment of women?

And then of course Parks and Rec, so they can see how a good woman actually runs politics and works her way up through the ranks without committing a single evil act (Leslie was exonerated for BOTH the gift basket she broke into in season 1 and the scandal with the rec center teachers, may I remind you)

None of this is to rag on GOT and it’s watchers, but there are so many other wonderful shows that I think could also make a huge difference if people spent the time on them. So what show would you insist the masses tune in to instead, if you had the power?

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