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If you have a Kindle and love Terry Pratchett

You can get one of these gorgeous Kindle cases.

This first one is based on the Josh Kirby artwork for Mort, which is in my top 5 list of Pratchett books. The art is gorgeous, and it comes with Terry Pratchett's signature inside on a leather plate. Sadly, they are only selling 135, but if you enter, who knows, you might be one of the lucky winners allowed to purchase it.


The second one is based on Josh Kirby's cover art for Eric, dreadful book but the art is again gorgeous. This one won't come with a signature plate or anything, but on the bright side anybody can buy it!

If you enter to win the Mort one, and do win, let us know (and then email me your home address so I can come steal it.....errrrr, I mean admire it).


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