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If You Have A Minute...

If you’re on Facebook and you have a free minute, please do a search for the Planned Parenthood doctor who is being harassed by the anti-choice dicks with that shitty video (you know the one). I hesitate to name her directly in a post but if you know what I’m talking about a quick google will get you the name.

There is a fake FB page that has been set up about her and it’s vile. We’ve been reporting it (and Facebook has been telling us it doesn’t violate their community standards because Facebook sucks all my balls and then some) but we’re not enough, numbers-wise. We need more people reporting this thing as harassment.


The doctor in question is a friend of mine and I feel awful that she’s going through all of this. Please help if you can. If you’re up to counter-trolling the mouthbreathers who are commenting, feel free to do that, too.

Also, if you want to help Planned Parenthood, donate! Every little bit can make a huge difference for women and women’s health!

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