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I have to make a some cookies for New Year's, so I was perusing Smitten Kitchen for a couple of new recipes to try In the comments for a slice 'n bake cookie, there is the usual mix of people asking questions and reporting results with some generic "this looks great!" "Can't wait to try them!" comments.

But Jeff really got annoyed at all this empty cheerfulness:

Please, I think when you add a comment it should be your experience in making them. Too many people say things that make no sense…"looks good"…."can't wait to try the recipe" Those comments don't help the readers who actually bake cookies. Don't tell me what you want to do…..please do them and then share your experience in baking an actual cookie….Thanks…Jeff


Yeah, Sharon really threw me off when she said "can't wait to try the recipe"— does this mean to stay tuned for future comments? What if she has some kind of personal emergency and can't follow through? Then I'm just endlessly refreshing the page to see if she's as good as her word. It really just makes no sense.

But I do share some of Jeff's pain. There are few commenting habits I hate more than people ranking something they haven't tried/used:

  • "This recipe looks like just what I need for Special Snowflake's 4 3/4 birthday celebration. I'll be saving it for next month— FIVE STARS!!!!!"
  • This movie arrived in perfect packaging. Can't wait to watch it with my daughter when she returns from her stint in the Peace Corps next summer —FIVE STARS!!!
  • My Amazon Prime delivery of White Chocolate Enrobed Pistachio Nuts came too late for the dinner party I threw for my Boss. I didn't open them because I'll need the money back now that my boss fired me. That bastard loves pistachio nuts— ONE STAR

But no one ranks recipes on Smitten Kitchen. Granted, Deb did suggest that people put their variations on the cookie in the comments, but evidently Jeff took this as Holy Writ and wishes people would stop clogging up the comments with their pointless enthusiasm.

Poor Jeff. All he wants is some cookie discipline for the holidays. Surely that's not too much to ask.


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