Rant ahead.

So can I say I hate my current living situation? My roommate and I are childhood friends from camp for children with disabilities. We always got along very well, but we typically only saw each other once a year for ten days. On her own she's fun and sweet. Or she used to be. We moved into the college dorms together in September and had a blast...until she met her partner. Let's call him DickFace. DF is a total douchecanoe. Little by little he started to order me around in our little apartment. Telling me I should clean MY room or the dishes. We had a big fight and now he doesn't really interfere anymore, but he bothers me soooooooo much. Everything I say to him is like a challenge or an opportunity to be a dick. I said I wasn't doing the no-makeup selfie because IMO I find it's an excuse to boost one's own ego, he chewed me out for not supporting breast cancer causes. They both did actually. When I asked how they were going to eat all the cookies they made (we have uneaten cookies everywhere), they just said the usual way. DO YOU NOT KNOW WHAT RHETORICAL MEANS? He also got upset and me when I wasn't talking to my mom for a bit because he misses his mom in Germany and I don't "value" mine. Fuck you. She blindly listens to anything he does, and he's not breaking any rules by being here. I also can't deal with the casual racism and sexism, but hey. When I move out, I shall not continue a friendship with her.

Do you have horrible roommate stories for me?