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If You Want to Make a Difference, You Have to BE THERE.

Please have a look at this interview.

An excerpt: "I do this because it's the right thing to do. To know is to become responsible, and I became aware that women in Mississippi had limited access in this state. It's part of my regional loyalty. I grew up in Alabama, in this neck of the woods in the South. I've lived in places where women are disproportionately affected by a lack of access, and so I felt compelled to move and act."


I don't blame anybody for moving out of the South because they want or need to do so. But I can't stand people, whether they're from here or not, who think it's just fine to criticize and hate on all the problems and dysfunction and never lift a finger to do a damn thing about any of it. Or who think that voicing less popular views, and living less popular values are of no worth if things don't change overnight.

I'm sure the trips twice a month to do this work are costly and inconvenient to Dr. Parker. I'm grateful that he lives out his values by being physically present to do his work in such a hostile place. I'm glad he doesn't seem cynical or embittered by facing down some of the worst crazy Mississippi can throw at him. More people like this one, please

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