You would make.

For me.

1 Do something with the letter Q. Let's face it q is really not needed C can easily replace it. For example Quit, cute really the c can replace the q. Require, recuse again c can replace the q. Ideally I would dump it. For back up if that's too unpopular I really do not think you need the u after the q u goes with every utterance with q so let's just say q is equal to qu. So words would be written as qit, reqire etc.

2. I would replace you with u. We do not wrie Aye (or aie) am awake, we write I am awake. You is pronounced as u so no need. For you're it would be written u're.

3. Banish the word THAN. I can never keep the rules correct except in the form of If This Then That.