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If you were omnipotent, what would you do?

Like, if you woke up tomorrow with godlike powers, how would you try to fix humanity and the world? Or would you even try?

I think I'd start by giving us all a second chance by scrubbing all pollution from the air, earth, and water. I'd also reveal the secret of some new, limitless, cheap, clean energy source to remove the dependence on fossil fuels.

I'd completely overhaul the human genome and put women in control of ovulation. I have a feeling that might take care of overpopulation all by itself, but if not, I might make it impossible to have more than three children. I think I'd also somehow make it so that physical violence is absolutely abhorrent to us as a species. I'll work out the details with my godlike intelligence, but basically, the idea of hurting another person will probably make everyone throw up and recoil in pain themselves.


I would make us incapable of eating much meat. Anything more than the bare minimum to get our required protein will be indigestible.

Humans will have a set lifespan of 80 years, but will experience no age-related illnesses or weaknesses until their hearts give out. Cancer and all illnesses not caused by lifestyle-choices will be eliminated. I thought about getting rid of all pain and illness, but I want free will (and thus consequences to actions) to exist. I don't want us to live as automatons.

Everyone's intelligence will be increased, and it will be much harder to delude yourself or others. I expect that most 'isms' will be erased as a result.

What would you do? Disagree with anything above? This is just a quick "I wish I could fix everything" fantasy. I fully acknowledge that I gave not given this a lot of thought.

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