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There are two types of jaywalkers. Type 1 knows they are doing something wrong and will take all steps to haul buns out of the street as quickly as possible. Type 2 are the entitled knuckleheads who think that all cars should stop for them.

This is a rant about the second type.

The road is not for pedestrians. The road is for cars. The sidewalk is for pedestrians. If you are a pedestrian, stay on the sidewalk. It's that simple. If you need to get across the street, find the nearest crosswalk.


If a crosswalk is not nearby, check both ways for traffic and step out only when it's safe to do so. FYI, you are still doing something illegal so do not be surprised/offended/pissed off that you got a ticket for jaywalking.

Try to suppress the urge to mean mug drivers who nearly hit you when you blithely wander out into traffic. They are not interested in hitting you. The last thing anyone wants on their way to work is get into a accident and even less than that, hit another person and possibly kill them.

Lastly, for fuck's sake, just stay out of the street unless you absolutely need to cross it. I will never ever understand the urge to just be in the street as a pedestrian. The sidewalk is perfectly functional. It's there so that you can safely walk to your destination without being run over by people in cars.

Rant inspired by events that occurred yesterday while I was driving to pick up something for work. Nearly killing someone is a stressful experience. Having that person be dead wrong and then mean mug and shout at you for driving on the road:


ETA: Yes I am aware that Los Angeles is pretty much the only place where people don't blithely wander into the road. This rant is about Los Angeles jaywalkers who act like drivers are in the wrong for, you know, driving on the road.

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