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If You're Interested in Bluetooth Headphones...UPDATED. JOGGING TEST FAIL.

... I have just now acquired these fairly badass mofos :

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...and thought I'd share, as they're currently available for nearly half price ($119 instead of $229) as part of a beta program.

So I already had the fairly highly-rated Creative WP-450 over-ear headphones. The Creatives (currently on sale at Amazon for $78) are significantly smaller, a bit lighter. But that also means they want to go all over the place when I wear them while running. Also, when I'm running, I want approximately 8,000 decibels of Beastie Boys, DFA 1979, Klaxons, and Sonic Youth. The Creatives hit their max volume way before my eardrums are in danger of permanent damage. This is UNACCEPTABLE.


The Astros, being a good bit larger in the earpiece, are much better in the noise-canceling area. They also sound, to my relatively unsophisticated non-audio-snob ear, BLOODY AMAZING. The downside : they appear to have a much shorter range than the Creatives. I can't get across the room in the Astros before the Bluetooth connection cuts out. The Creatives, I can go a room or two away and I'll get a stutter, but they never straight-up lose their connection.


The Astros paired just fine with both my Macbook Pro and with my iPhone. No problems with the controls, making a call, mic is good, etc. If you're looking for a Bluetooth headset to use primarily with phone/ipod (or laptop and you don't mind pausing whenever you get up), and you don't have an enormous head (they're adjustable but much snugger overall than the Creatives), these are fantastic (they also have much, much longer reported battery life than the Creatives).


ETA : Fuck these fucking things. Snug fit, sound great, easy controls, POOR RECEPTION. I went for a run, and they were stuttering during my WARM UP WALK. While tethered to my iPhone IN MY HAND. EIGHTEEN INCHES AWAY. Jogging made it WORSE. They're at a full charge, and I even tried removing the little decorative (?) plates that magnetize to the sides of the cups - no joy. Tried sticking iphone DOWN MY BRA - little improvement, plus now I've got a slab of metal and glass stuck to one of my tits. They better take these bastards back.

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