I recently "upgraded" my Chrome to the newly out-of-beta v.32 and WHOO, crazy display issues ensued (which I'd had intermittently before). Primarily it was like the CSS was freaking out โ€” the normal sans serif fonts would suddenly switch to very widely kerned serif, and then back again if you moused over them - this is obviously extremely annoying, throws off the layout, and makes shit unreadable.

ANYWAY. Just ditched v 32 for dev version 34-point-whatever, and hooray! All is well again. If you'd like to do the same, you can download the dev version here.

Note : if you're not familiar with dev (developer) versions of Chrome or anything else โ€” they're "unfinished" versions that're still being tinkered with and polished. My previous dev version that I'd been running for over a year already had the much-lauded "new feature" of the speaker icon that indicates which tab was making noise, for instance. So you may get some unreleased features, or some features being tested that might not make it into the final build. I've been using dev versions of Chrome for Mac for quite a long time, and despite the warnings/disclaimers, I have never had any stability or usability problems.