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IFLS. Seriously, Sundays are the best

You guys. STUFFED MUSHROOM SUNDAY is a thing that needs to happen. Because it just happened all over my mouth, and fuck, so good. (This post may be brought to you by day drinking. I do my best impromptu cooking when I'm a tiny bit soused.)

(Disclaimer, that huge pix isn't mine, but mine looked similar. Just better. And not so huge.)


UncleK developed a seafood allergy when he was a teen, and he mentioned today that one of the things he missed was stuffed clams. Chopped clams, butter & evoo, garlic, a bit of parmesan then broiled to deliciousness.

So, being the crafty little chowhound that I am, I whipped up a pretty fucking classic 80s staple that reminded me of stuffed clams/clams casino: Stuffed mushrooms.

I'm low carbing, it's 25 degrees out and freezing drizzle or some shit, so I just grabbed whatever I had in the fridge, et voila! Asiago stuffed mushrooms.

I trimmed the stems from a package of plain old button mushrooms, pulled the stems out and chopped them finely, and sauteed in butter and chopped garlic in my cast iron skillet. Then I mixed that with chopped (finely) green onion, shredded asiago, and some s&p to taste with about a tablespoon of soft butter.


Piled that into the mushroom caps, topped with shredded sharp cheddar, baked at 375 for about 15 minutes in the cast iron and OMG. O M G. Also, I was left with delicious little cheddar crisps from the (drunkenly sprinkled) shredded cheddar baking down in my cast iron. YUM.

Whyyyyyyy has this become "food we don't eat anymore?"

My stepdad used to make sausage and blue cheese stuffed mushrooms, which are happening, like, tomorrow. I may only ever eat stuffed mushrooms again, ever.

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