TW Sex stuff. So while the respectable people in town are heading to church, I rolled out of bed, hair all freshly-mussed-from-teh-morning-sex, threw on some cutoffs, a tank top that doesn't work with the bra I pulled on, and took my youngest to church. It's how I roll. (And actually is pretty cute and not nearly as white trashy as it sounds.)

TW Sex stuff you probably don't wanna know,especially if you have a penis.

Annnnd, apparently I bit my mister's penis last night, hard enough to leave a mark. I think I was subconsciously having feelings about that MP oral discussion or something. Misandry! In return I am somewhat sore after this morning's reassertion of dominance.*

Anyone else have any sexxay mishaps to share this lovely morning?

*Also how we roll, it's all good.