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Ignorance in Birth Control Land

Hello lovelies! Calling everyone for their stories, opinions, advice! Yesterday, I had my annual at the OB, which went fine but I really wanted to start a birth control because I’ve been seeing this new guy for a few months now and I think it’s time. She wanted to put me on Nuvaring, which she showed me how to insert in the little plastic vagina on her desk, and it seemed fine. So she ordered it and I told my guy to which he texted back, “Nooooooooo! Please god no - I am allergic to it.” (what happened to him with his ex was something out of a horror movie with the reaction).

So I called my doc and asked her to reorder a pill. The only thing is, I’m REALLY nervous about getting on any kind of BC because I’ve suffered from depression/anxiety over the years going up and down and I haven’t been on any kind of BC pill for over ten years. I’ve decided to try the pill because we both absolutely hate condoms. I’m totally okay with adding these hormones to my body if it means no child. The last one I tried was Yaz, which made me very moody. She prescribed me Kariva, which apparently is a low hormone pill and after reading the reviews online (which I know are usually going to be negative) I’m still really nervous about starting it but know it would help us feel more relaxed about avoiding having a tiny us. Has anyone tried this pill before? Or how do you handle any mood side effects from other BCs you’ve tried? I think I’ll start it next week. Thanks my loves! I appreciate you!

EDIT: For NuvaRing peeps or peeps considering it, please know it can cause a severe allergic reaction to your partner - it did with mine with his ex and after she first got it - the reaction was a slow onset - she had been using it for about a month and in the second month, he became so swollen down there, the skin started to crack/bleed, and not even his urologist could figure out what was happening until they both self diagnosed and the doctor had to look up other cases. Turns out many other people have had this reaction to it. It peeled his skin back and had to be bandaged for a month/covered during showers and only sterile water to be used to clean - it was HELL he said. This isn’t on the little booklet my gyno gave me as a side effect but just wanted to let ya’ll know. Also, WTF NuvaRing put that shit on your brochure!


(Sorry for the graphic description hope no one was eating)

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