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Ignorance Towards the Mentally Ill

I have had my fair share of experience with mental health. My husband has been diagnosed with several illnesses, and I've struggled with depression, so I have experienced ignorance on many different levels, some of the worst actually coming from healthcare providers (it's an issue where I am).

While downtown waiting for the bus tonight, I couldn't believe what I saw. Is it just me, or is this some seriously ignorant shit?

There was a group of three girls waiting for the bus also, and they were all dressed casually, but very nicely. While chatting away about the difficulties of the days mall trip (seriously), they became quite distracted by a black male several feet away.


He was obviously quite mentally ill, as he was laughing and taking away to himself while smoking a pipe (tobacco), and enjoying a McDonald's soft drink. I can only assume they were somehow offended by his presence, but the ringleader of the fatigued group of shoppers proceeded to take out her iPhone and call the police. For what, I'm not entirely sure, but as soon as I figured out that's what she was doing, I casually wandered over to the guy, lit a smoke, and quietly said to him "just a heads up, but those girls are calling the cops on you, hun". So he quickly grabbed his drink and took off.

The cops showed up and spotted him just around the corner (clearly didn't take full advantage of my heads up haha). Now the cops here don't have the best reputation for kindness, especially not towards the mentally ill, so I was just waiting to see him end up in the back of the car when he's done nothing but be an eye sore to the rich kids who decided to come downtown. But to my surprise, and relief, they just talked to him through the car window and let him go on his way.

I almost said something to the girl who called, because I was just dying to know her reasoning for calling the cops, but I figured there's no point in arguing with ignorance like that.

Help me out here, jezzies, did I handle this okay? Should I have totally minded my own business, should I have confronted her, or did I do alright?

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