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Ignorant Twit Tweets "Many AntiPolice Agitators In Boston"

MSNBC is reporting this is what he tweeted.

Let’s unpack this. “Many” implies out of up to 20k AntiHate Protestors close to half. Reports are coming in its anecdotal and isolated. Huge difference from “many”.

So why? To attack them in this way is to make it seem like the AntiHate Protestors were there just because they were AntiPolice. It feeds to his base that one group is as bad as the other.


He also changes the subject so we talk not about how 20k were there to stand against White Nationals, White Supremacy, NeoNazis etc but how they were really there to agitate police. It puts the 20k in a bad situation since their motives will now be seen in question.

Ignorant Twit is Trump in case you are unsure.

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