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Ignoring Reality-Holiday Edition

There are 5 of us in my immediate family. When my brothers were little we would open the gifts to each other on Christmas Eve and then my brothers and I would open our gifts from Santa the next morning.

My brothers are 19 & 14 no one is left who believes in Santa. My mother is not working and actually has all the gifts wrapped and under the tree early (she's very proud of herself and would want me to tell you). The 19 year old is working 9am-1pm Christmas day at the grocery store. Great most people don't start showing up until about 1pm anyway and my parents do an open house all day.


My brother and I said how about we just do all the presents Christmas Eve night when we come home from our family friends at about 10pm (Item: I don't live at home, but I do only live 10 minutes away). My father is cranky about this and I kind of want to punch him.

-He doesn't want to open them Christmas Eve because "tradition"

-He doesn't want to get up early Christmas morning (no one does we are all night-owls and beastly to each other in the morning)


-He doesn't want to be "rushed" even though my brother has to go to work at 9am

He's basically mad that my 19 year old brother didn't read his mind and not say it was okay to schedule him for Christmas day (let's ignore this potentially lets someone with kids spend the morning with their family).

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