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Ihop great, great pancakes iffy song

My mother and I went to IHOP. I got 2 Caramel bon bon pancakes which came with two eggs, ham and home fries. She got a crape and eggs, home fries and sausage. We split the ham and sausages. The pancakes were so delish whipped cream drenched with caramel sauce over two pancakes and between the pancakes some wonderful goeey stuff that I believe was stolen nector from the gods.

The music like always was 50s 60s music. One song seems problematic. The Angels song My Boyfriend's Back. Its about a woman victimized by a gossip so she taunts him singing her boyfriend is coming back who is big and strong and he will restore her reputation and the lying gossip well he will get it. I find it problematic. If the folks do believe the liar and not her why will they believe her boyfriend? She seems to believe it on blind faith. So this stress that her boyfriend is big and strong and he, the liar, will get it implies her boyfriend will assault him. Again she is acting on what seems like blimd faith that her boyfriend will assault him. How will this make her believed? Her boyfriend will just end up arrested, charged and minimum have an arrest record. Here is the 1963 song. Maybe I am overanalyzing this song. It has logic gaps and does not explain why the boyfriends word is golden? Yet maybe its a reflection of the times and I am applying 2014 thinking to it. Or maybe noone was suppose to analyze it.

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