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I've been having panic attacks since Sunday. Yesterday I went to the bookstore to cheer me up but there were all these books there that reminded me of Sokka. Then I went to work where this elderly musician collapsed during his dinner. His friends were freaking out and yelling and doing jack shit so I had to give him the Heimlich even though I haven't been certified in years and had never done it on a real human being, then I had to go back to work once the EMTs arrived. The poor man seemed fine and was talking to the first responders when he suddenly started vomiting and seizing and was rushed to the hospital. I finished my shift in a daze, walked home, and collapsed in bed where I have been for pretty much all day today.


No one is around. Everyone is busy. I just want to talk to Sokka but I can't and he doesn't want to talk to me anyway. I want a hug. I want to take a shower but I have no conditioner so I have to actually leave my apartment but somehow this simple task-walking three blocks to the store- has taken me all fucking day to do and now I'm crying about it. Also I just paid a bunch of bills so money's tight.

Fuck shit tittyfuckers. Fuck.

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