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I'll be seeing you, pup

Meeko was probably the best and barkiest watchdog I've ever met, though he loved nothing more than burrowing under the blankets and snuggling. He was exceptionally playful and obsessed with his stuffed potato toy, he loved mozzarella (Italian family and my sister spoiled him rotten), and he was just the sweetest, most lovable guy.

My family found out that Meeko had oral cancer in February, and though he had surgery, a tumor rapidly grew back over the past few months and we found out that it was inoperable. He was almost 11 years old and we were told that chemo would have been close to ten thousand dollars and he would most likely need bone graft surgery if the chemo was successful. A few days ago, he slowly stopped eating altogether and his breathing became very labored. My mom took him to the emergency vet today, and they offered to give him antibiotics because he had a fever, but noted this would only prolong his life a few hours to a few weeks. My mom called my sister and I, and we all decided it was best for our lil guy to end his suffering :(


I've been looking at his puppy pictures for the past two hours and intermittently sobbing. Losing a pet is the absolute worst.

He was the bestest hot dog that ever was.

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