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I'll love you forever, but forever on my skin?

Ooohhh, love. When you find the right one, your soul mate, everything seems to fall into place perfectly. You love and care about this person more than anything, and want to spend forever by their side...But forever having their name on your skin? Beautiful declaration of love, or a horribly bad idea and curse on the relationship? Let's discuss!

Bad Idea!

So tattoo legend often states that if you get a tattoo of your partners name on your body, your relationship is doomed to crash and burn in the fire-y pits of hell! And if course, there are all to many examples of this; Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee, Angelina Jolie & Billy Bob Thornton, Nas and Kelis, Kat Von D & Lovers, to name a few. All left permanently marked long after the love has died. So is it the curse of the name tattoo, or simply some bad choices in relationships followed by some bad tattoo decisions? You could argue that these relationships were probably doomed for failure from the start, and it was just another bad decision, sure. Heck, that's my theory. They just seemed SoOoOo in love at the time!


Good Idea!

I must admit, this is extremely romantic to me. Forever marking yourself with the name of your true love on your skin for all the world to see?! Hello, romance! But then again, maybe I'm biased, as admittedly, both myself and hubby have each other's names tattooed on the inside of our wrists in a nice black cursive script. We chose to do this is place of wearing rings as a declaration of our love shortly after we ran away and eloped (only 8 months after meeting, I might add). Five wedding anniversaries later, we are still happily sporting each others names on our skin. Now that's not to say I haven't seen the effects of the so called 'curse' in my circles. After thinking she'd met her one and only, my cousin ran off and eloped, and yep you guessed it, tattooed the name of her new man across the inside of her arm (sound vaguely familiar? yea, just a few months after my husband and I did that exactly, she did it also. Which in hindsight, might not have been the best call on her part). Not long after she had his child, things went south when he became abusive (well, he was before she married him...but it's not my place to judge) and the marriage feel apart, leaving her permanently marked with his name. But for me, regardless of watching my cousin, now single mother, forever left with the name of her abusive ex husband scrawled across her arm, I still do not regret the permanency my decision. Of course, you could argue again that I'm simply still blinded by love, and it could fall apart any day, leaving me with a very permanent reminder of love lost.

So, to ink in the name of love, or not to ink; that is the question. Regardless of the decision you make, I think that as long as you truly love the person your inking on your body, and want it there for eternity, I say more power to you! Just know you could end up being one of those who was blinded by what they thought was eternal love, made a decision they have now come to regret. But hey, you can always get a decent cover-up, amirite?!

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