Hello from my death bed, where I am expecting a delivery of Tom Kha soup any minute now.

I’m on day two of taking PTO because I do not have the energy to work. Any energy I do have is devoted to fighting bees in my apartment, because covering up the hole in the AC didn’t help. And a bee sting on my baby toe is very hard to cover up with baking soda paste.

Oh and ovary update! My right ovary is still inflamed but is half the size it was, which is a good thing because it means no surgery. But now my left ovary is also inflamed. GOODY. We talked about options, and now it looks like I’m going to be stacking birth control methods. Has anyone else been on more than one form of BC at the same time? Anything I should look out for? We’re looking at a combination of a progesterone pill and Skyla IUD, because I need the pill for a couple of things, but it won’t be very reliable as BC with my history of hypersomnia and sleepwalking.

My dear gyno made me set up another appointment for that because I had already been through enough with the terrible cold, bee sting, and transvaginal ultrasound. Bless her for that.

What are you lacking stamina for?