I've managed to keep an aloe vera plant for the last 5 years. I got the original plant at my Granparent's 60th anniversary party. One of their friends cleaned out her flower bed where the aloe vera had taken over. She hadn't tried to do anything with that bed for almost 10 years and brought in at least 20 plants to give away. This is the only plant that I haven't neglected to death in the 100 degrees of August or in the dead of winter when I've brought it into the front bathroom to live.

The first couple of years I just let it grow. At the end of the second and third summer, I pulled it out of the pot and pulled the baby plants off to give away. Last year I didn't. It was in an 18 inch resin pot and had filled it to the point where you couldn't see the soil.

I went to the local hardware store where I scored 2 giant pots, that are normally $40-$50 each, for $12 and $18. They went straight into the shed for next year. I also picked up some more potting soil and gravel. I told the lady who checked me out that I was going to split me Aloe and she said that she hadn't had an aloe plant for a while and that they hadn't sold any this year.

When I pulled the Aloe out of the pot, I replanted the 2 biggest sections in my 18" pots. I planted a chunk for my Dad, who expressed interest in some. I gave half to my neighbors, and it looks like they had enough to plant 3 pots each. I went back up to the hardware store and gave a grocery bag with 6-7 baby aloes to the checker as she was headed home. I also picked up two small plastic pots to give some to other friends. I almost had more aloe than I knew what to do with. All from one pot!

I also put down vine killer around my house where vines are growing up the trim. My house is still a wreck on the inside, but I cleaned out all of my pots that I'm not replanting before next Spring in the shed. Last year I had some that disappeared from my yard. I don't have a fence, and I thought I had put them in the shed or under the front steps, but I couldn't find them anywhere this year. I also wrestled the soil and gravel into the shed so the ants don't take up residence in the bags before I use it again.

I am now hot and tired.