I mean, it's really sad but I haven't read that there is any evidence Hamas is behind it except that they are in the West Bank and Hamas sometimes kidnaps people. They don't even know if the bodies found are the bodies of the missing teens, but already Netanyahu is saying "Hamas will pay." It doesn't make sense that Hamas would kill three Israeli colony kids and then hide their bodies. Where's the ransom? Why these random kids? From what I've heard Palestinian forces helped Israeli soldiers in the search for these children, so why would Netanyahu jump to fight and fuck this offer of good will up? Hamas hasn't even said they've done it and it's something you'd think they'd do if they were behind it.

Also, I'm annoyed at all the US public outpouring of sympathy over this. It is obviously US officials pandering to their own constituants, and how many of them tweet their grief over the many many kids in their district, their country, or other parts of the world who go missing every single day?

P.S. When I say I'm confused I'm not really confused (I know the history) but it seriously doesn't make any sense.