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I'm a Disgusting Human

Mr. Lover and I have been doing a major purge of junk in our house. This mostly affects me. I’m 85% of the way there - all I have left, really, is to re-organize my closet and do a significant amount of laundry..

While I feel like a brand new person without all this CRAP holding me back, I feel disgusting. What a prime example of a shithead, wasteful, materialist American I am. I found things that are basically duplicates (like, craft materials for example), clothes that would have looked nice had I taken halfway decent care of them, UNOPENED shoes in boxes that I had apparently shoved into a closet and forgotten about* and don’t fit and I should have sent them back.


Lots of clothes that don’t fit because my body has changed significantly, or lots of clothes I don’t like anymore because they don’t fit my style or aren’t useful for work or whatever.

I kept feeling more and more a sense that I am a bad housekeeper. But I had nowhere to put anything! Like, whenever I cleaned, I would just be moving stuff from somewhere in my way to somewhere it really doesn’t fit, and I wouldn’t feel better. It’s weird - it’s like I didn’t even know I was doing that. I didn’t realize it was THIS bad.


I’ve never lived in the same place this long. I am also 31, and this is my first generational/transitional purge. I am not in my 20s. I don’t need to wear that cheap thing that doesn’t look nice anymore. I don’t need to keep my shitty costumes from 10 years ago.

Anyway, I feel FREE and LIGHT and UNBURDENED! Anyone in NOLA want to go driving around the LGD/Irish Channel tomorrow, you’ll find a box of women’s clothes in good condition out on the curb (and a wienerdog barking at you through a window).



*I live in a “shotgun” house, so none of the rooms are private and we have small closets. It’s likely anything that got lost in the bottom of a closet was because people were coming over and I had to quickly shove my shit out of the way.

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