Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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I'm a dropper of eaves

...and horribly judgemental of the conversations I hear.

Today, it was a woman berating the poor food runner at a vegan restaurant that not saying the "chikin" (yes, it's spelled that way on the menu for a reason, lady) isn't real is pretty deceptive and she (the food runner) should tell someone about it. As if the poor girl has any say in how corporate advertises its vegan fare. Did I mention it was a vegan restaurant? Ugh.


Cue painful eye rolls from DavidTenInch while Mr.TenInch tries to contain his laughter at my irritation. He finds my crankiness cute, which is probably a good thing.

This has been a first post with privileges from DavidTenInch.

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