UPDATE 4/23/15:

I did it guys!!! I am a chicken no more, instead I’m on my way to becoming a rock star!

I went ahead and brought the proposal up with the partner who I’m told on the low is less judgmental and has more clout. Also she came by my office on an unrelated matter this morning so I was able to blurt out that I needed 10 minutes of her time in the afternoon to discuss new business.

The discussion itself probably took less than 10 minutes. She was straight up like, “yeah go for it” and within another 10 minutes had assigned a partner to oversee the work. We should have an estimate drawn up by Monday. Then all we have to do is win the bid!

Whichever way it goes I think I managed to get myself taken a little more seriously today. Both by my partners and myself!

Thanks for all your support GT!

The time has come for me to lean in and I am being a total wimp about it.


A fellow law school alumna has generously come to me with an opportunity to bid to do some legal work for her company. It’s a decent sized matter and more importantly it would be a great client relationship. MY client relationship. And I would be bringing that client in myself, which, for those of you who don’t work in the law or other client services industries is a pretty big deal.

This is my Joan-Holloway-brings-in-the-Avon-account moment but I’m freaking out about pulling the trigger. Have already done the hard part, which is getting the info from the potential client and a green light to send over an estimate. Now I just have to go tell one of the partners (can’t decide which!) about this opportunity and see what they say.


I don’t know what scares me most...that I’ll bring it to the wrong one? That I’ll sound like a fool when I bring it up? That they’ll say no? I have no rational reason to believe any of this will happen I guess. In fact, there’s just as much chance that it makes me look like a rock star and solidifies my position at the firm. It’s just such a big step and I’ve never done this before.


Encouraging words please! In the meantime I will be sitting here trying to get up the nerve to walk down the hall.

UPDATE: I walked down the hall with my hands trembling about 6 times and each time they were both on the phone. Just checked again and now they’re gone. Will try to catch them again in the morning...will probably be stressed over it all night.