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I'm A Horrible Girlfriend

Because I'm making His Majesty decide whether or not we attend the homecoming alumni debate of my collegiate debating society this weekend.

It's one of the oldest collegiate debate societies in the country! Ain't we special? We have secret induction rituals and everything. I'm not even kidding. I also am not allowed to talk about them. YUP.

We also gave the country Scalia, and for that I literally cannot apologize enough :-/



But we also gave the world Conde Nast, and I cannot apologize for that.

What's the topic, you may ask?

Resolved: The Police Should Be Trusted.

Oh yes, you read that right.

Part of me wants to go just to laugh hysterically. Which, let's be honest, is 90% of what I did during my time as a member as well.

If you go digging through the website, you'll see at least one picture of me. Oh yes, I was a member of the Officer Corps. WELL DONE ME.

This has been your Raptor Update of the day. Now I have to go pretend to be an adult who has her shit together (read: must go purchase boxed wine to drink in tonights bubble bath #winning)!

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