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I'm a little overwhelmed.

Among some personal stuff that's not really interesting enough to discuss, I've been given a project at work that is way too big for me, and I'm a little bit...freaking out. I'd give some illustrative details but it's still classified as "black," i.e. top secret, but a lot of people above me and above my boss's boss are going to be looking at it. My boss is not often available for help because he himself is very busy, and assumes that my team is comprised of adults (FOOL!) who can make their own decisions.

This does not describe me at all. I've had this job for about a year and a half and I'm still surprised that I got it, because I was and am not qualified but apparently am good at faking an air of confidence.


Anyway, I have a big deadline tomorrow so I need to calm down. I've worked so much the past couple weeks that I didn't even have time to open War and Peace for Groupreads. What do you guys usually do when you feel like you're in over your head? Do you have any new gifs of fluffy things?

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