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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I'm A Neomillionaire!

To make things clear:I understand that Neopets is not serious business, and all the "money" from the website is completely fictional.

That said, I'm a neomillionaire, you guys! There was a random event where I recieved a stone stamp, which is apparently super-rare. I sold it for 1,800,000 neopoints, which is actually an amazingly low cost for that item on the market (I do my research). Still, it's literally pixel money for something I got by clicking on a link, so I'm not really torn over not getting every single piece of false money I could get. What I'm excited about is making my jumble of pixels more pretty than the standard jumble of pixels! I can afford any paintbrush I want ! I've been going through neocolours to see what's available and seeing which colors work best for my pets.I'm not going to make a decision right away because it really feels nice to even have a false sense of financial security.


Does anyone else use neopets? I know it's a kids website, but there seems to be a decent number of not-children lurking about if tumblr is any indication.

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